Being Purple

How to empower those with a physical disability.

Physical disabilities can occur at any point in our lives and to anyone. Injuries, illnesses and disorders can all cause us to develop disabilities which have an impact on how we live our day to day lives. Whilst being disabled comes with its own challenges, these are merely that. Hurdles that can be overcome and […]

Purple Is the Colour of Disabilities

3rdDecember is declared as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Different organizations celebrate this day by recognising the contribution as well as challenges faced by peoplewith disabilities. In recent years, the colour purple has been increasingly associated with disability, symbolising a new positive narrative about the contribution of disabled people in the workforce and […]

Bullying In Young Children Because Of Physical Disabilities

Many children suffer from various kinds of physical disabilities in the world. Some of these disabilities are congenital, which means those children are born with these problems. Sometimes, children suffer from disabilities caused by accidents in their infancy, which may be beyond medical treatment. These children sometimes gets bullied in schools, which may make their […]

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